Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I'm probably way behind the times in finding this, but recently I visited the Postsecret blog. If you haven't seen it, you should take a few minutes and go look. The site invites readers to anonymously mail in a postcard on which they have written a secret about themselves. Many of the postcards are really creative. Some are funny ("I like the smell of my own farts."), and some are sad ("I am contemptuous of others so it hurts less when they are indifferent to me.").

I was amazed at some of the secrets that people revealed and at how similar some of the secrets were. It really got me to thinking about how little we really know about the people around us, and it saddened me to realize that many people hurt very badly deep down inside but never tell anyone of their hurt for fear of being ridiculed or hated. How sad that we feel we can't share our vulnerabilities with one another.

Oh God, let me be more compassionate and sensitive of others' needs, and let me help them carry their burdens as they help me carry mine.


Unregulated Female said...

That post card site is simple amazing. It amazes me the power of the secrets we hold. The power is lost when we tell someone. Thanks for the link!!


Erik Reed said...

that's real interesting. your right though, we walk by countless numbers of people every day wearing a lie and trying to hide their brokeness. my question to you is this: have we as Christ followers presented ourselves as people that accept broken people?
it would be easy to give the answer we're suppose to say, but is that truly the right answer?
thanks for your comment and I will visit your site again also:)

JMG said...

Unfortunately, we haven't. And the really sad thing is that Christians are hurting and can't turn to their own Christian brothers and sisters.

Unregulated Female said...

I think the reasons why I hid for so long was if weakness, or humanity was revealed in the church setting, it was like releasing blood in the water filled with sharks. Happily, I swam away from those shark-infested waters so that I may speak, and heal.

JMG said...

I know what you mean. It seems that lots of churches don't really want you there until you get your ducks in a row, and they'll sure tell you how to do it.

Then there are other churches where the members are wrapped up in their projects of getting people into the church, but they don't know what to do with them once they get them there besides sing endless praise songs.

Sorry, I'm being a little harsh I guess.