Monday, April 14, 2008

Winding Down

With the semester quickly nearing its end, I am currently catching up on unfinished work and getting ready for the marathon grading session that will begin next week when final papers are due. Classes end on the 23rd, and boy am I ready! Summer is close, and with it, summer reading!!

Husband and I spent a semi-nice day at the airshow on Saturday. The weather would have been nice had the wind not been blowing so hard. We both ended up with sunburns on our faces, but we had a good time. It was his first time to attend an airshow, so I was glad that we got to see the Blue Angels perform. We heard them come in on Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday evening--they flew right over our house. If it hadn't been cloudy, we could have seen them from the back porch.

I've been thinking about lots of blog topics, but I've been too busy with schoolwork to write anything. Maybe when all the grading is done, I'll post some brilliant, thought-provoking articles that will enlighten your minds.

Well, don't hold your breath on the brilliant, thought-provoking, and enlightening part.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Excitement

Today we received word on campus that the campus police had received an anonymous email from someone claiming to have overheard someone else planning to bring a gun to campus and "do something" to a teacher in one of our buildings. The university sent an alert to the campus community saying that no one has seen anyone with a gun, nor has anything else suspicious been reported to the police. Therefore, we should remain alert and go about our regular schedule. However, one department in the affected building has decided to cancel its classes for the rest of the day because of the threat, well that and the fact that the heaters are working overtime and making the temperature unbearable over there.

It is entirely possible that this is some person's idea of an April Fool's joke--I think that's probably the case--but it's a rather sick joke.