Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to the Old Grind

Today I'm back at work after a month off. (Have I said I love being a teacher?!) Finding a parking space was not so bad--I decided not to even try parking really close to the building--but traffic was terrible, and it was raining hard. Campus has terrible drainage problems, so I knew to dress for the weather and not for fashion. My pants legs were soaked by the time I walked to my first class.

My first class went well. I had five students from last semester; seeing familiar faces really helps out on the first day. In fact, there should be lots more familiar faces in the rest of my classes. Several students asked questions about the course--I felt a little like the president fielding questions from the press corps.

I have three more classes today. Tuesdays and Thursdays are very full, and lunch comes at a weird time. The good thing about this semester, though, is that I get to teach argumentative writing, so in class we get to have great discussions about current issues. Today we talked about "Brangelina." (What's up with that?)

Well, my desk is still cluttered from last semster's junk, so I guess I should straighten up now.


Amy said...

They're everywhere, I tell ya!

Hope your first day back went well. This is our second week back at the preschool and luckily they haven't been too argumentative! :)

jettybetty said...

I am pretty sure I could make an A+ in argumentative writing--PH says I have a gift for arguing! LOL!

Hope you have a great semester. A month off--I do remember...

Tony Arnold said...

My wife says I am very argumentative. But I am not! I am definitely not argumentative and I will fight her on this issue until...uh oh.

Something tells me argumentative writing is not about being confrontational. :-)

Off for a month, and you couldn't blog better than you did? Very disappointed!

(I know JMG knows, but it is a joke folks; poor humor, but just a joke)


Mike Kear said...

I practice argumentative writing all the time. I call it blogging.

JMG said...

Thanks, Amy! I had a great day.

JB, you know you want to get back into the classroom!

Tony, Tony, Tony (shaking her head and clicking her tongue).

Mike, you do such a good job of it! (Oh, and I really liked your latest post about the House!!)

I've debated informing my students about my blog, but I think I like having a persona that they don't know about.

Tony Arnold said...

Yeah, I recognize that response JMG. My mom, my teachers, my wife...


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

If you tell your students about the blog, they will know when you badmouth them. It would be far better to assign them a reading from my teachings. College students need to be exposed to different cultures, different religions, different breeds.