Monday, February 20, 2006

Good Books but no Coffee

Today I am enjoying a quiet afternoon at the library. My classes are meeting here today and tomorrow so that I can help them with research, so I thought I'd just have my office hours over here too. I'm getting a lot of work done, but the Starbucks downstairs is calling my name begging me to come and buy an overpriced latte. I am trying very hard to resist. Knowing that I'll have to pack up my stuff and carry it with me to keep it from being stolen is a good incentive to stay put for a while. I sure wish we could have coffee in the main part of the library.


jettybetty said...

I'm such a sucker for $4.00 fraps--with the Starbucks marketing strategy--you'd think they would put one right in the middle of the library.
(Did you sneak one on the way out?)

Tony Arnold said...

Kind of side track comment (as if they are rare from me), but your post brought a wonderful memory and envious wish to mind.

I was traveling in England on business many years ago. I had to meet with some engineers that work via the internet out of their homes. We met in a pub in the English country side. It was located next to an old WWII airfield (field as in grass runway) that had become a small 9-hole golf course.

Roaring fire, low ceiling, ale, and thick soup and sandwiches for lunch. Right out of Dickens or Tolkien.

I didn't want to leave or work. I remember saying, give me a book, that padded, studded chair over by the fire, and another ale and I will have heaven on earth. If only I could have stayed and immersed myself in a book of fiction all afternoon in that pub.

Funny note: the pisser (using the English description) was outside, covered and part of the building but outside.

Okay now my frame of mind for work today is shot. I just want to go curl up by the fire and read. Thanks alot JMG!


JMG said...

Great story, Tony. Sorry to ruin your work day! But you know, your worst day fishing, reading, golfing, etc. is always better than your best day working!

I'm on my second day in the library, so I went down for a latte and found to my great chagrin that this Starbucks has no espresso machine. The university has said it will cost too much. A petition has been started to convince the powers that be that we need espresso. What good is a Starbucks without espresso?

Tony Arnold said...

That is just incredible at the Starbucks. I am very surprised that the corporate office would even allow this. In fact, I am sure they wouldn't. Every company of this type has standards the franchises must adhere to or they can lose their franchise.

No petition is needed. Just contact the Middle TN administrator of franchises for Starbucks. That should do it.

Starbucks itself might pay for it. They know they are losing all their profits. For coffee shops, the profits are all in the expresso drinks (less coffee used, higher price paid). They make very little profit on regular coffee.