Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sex Offenders at McDonald's

One of our local (Nashville) TV investigative reporters has recently discovered that there is a large number of sex offenders working at various locations of McDonald's restaurants. I haven't watched the news reports about it, but just from the previews, it seems that this news is causing quite a stir in our community. I don't know what type of sex offenders McDonald's hires, but it seems that whether they hire child porn viewers or serial rapists, the news is being blown out of proportion.

Once sex offenders get out of jail, don't they need to have jobs? Why shouldn't they work at McDonald's? Is it because children come into the McDonald's? Children go to other places that a child molester could frequent. If some McDonald's worker is imagining doing terrible things to the little children in the Playplace, still, that's only his imagination; you can't arrest somebody for what goes on inside his head. If parents are that worried about it, they shouldn't take their kids to McDonald's. But then again, they shouldn't ever take their kids out of the house.

Perhaps people are upset about this because their teenage kids work at McDonald's. From what I understand, most sexual deviants do their "thing" in secret and aren't going to approach a potential victim in a way that may be observed by other employees in the restaurant. It's always possible that a teen may have to stay late and close the restaurant with a sexual deviant, but parents who are worried about that should forbid their teens to work that late. Personally, I'd be more fearful of a robbery happening at that time than an encounter with a sexually deviant co-worker.

Another reason people could be upset about these McDonald's employees is because a convicted rapist may try to stalk a customer. However, studies prove that people who are aware of their surroundings and take common sense precautions rarely become victims of attack.

People need to realize that no matter where they go, the potential exists that a sex offender may be there too. The reality of our world is that these people do exist, and they do have jobs out in the public. We can avoid becoming victims of these deviants by exercising some common sense. And if it makes you feel better to avoid places where a known sex offender works, then by all means, don't go to that place. In fact, I'd recommend avoiding McDonald's altogether anyway and choosing a healthier place to eat.

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