Monday, August 21, 2006

Suffering from Blog Withdrawal, and Wierdness

Very early on Thursday morning, I had just enough time to check my email, and then my DSL service went down. The entire neighborhood lost service for a few hours, but when it came back up, I didn't get mine back. To make a long story short, I finally got my internet service back yesterday afternoon after having to run a new wire inside from the phone box on the outside of my house.

Bellsouth DSL service sucks big time! I've had nothing but problems from the getgo, but it's my only alternative besides dialup.


Mugsy tagged me last week, so here are five wierd things about me. Actually, since I personally don't have five wierd characteristics, I'll include my entire household.

1. Sometimes I like to eat ketchup on my macaroni and cheese.

2. For nearly any situation that arises, my husband or I can quote an appropriate scene or line from either The Andy Griffith Show or the movie Sling Blade.

3. My Jack Russell Terriers' favorite toy is a piece of corrugated drain pipe. One dog gets on one end, and the other dog gets on the other end, and they have a good time tugging on it. They've gone through several pipes over the years.

4. My husband likes make up words to familiar tunes and sing to the dogs.

5. I love my husband a lot when he sings his little songs.

All right, Tony and Jetty Betty, you're it. Consider yourselves tagged.


Edit: OK, I'm an English teacher and I don't know how to spell the word weird. So sue me.


Tony Arnold said...

Sorry for lost of internet. Very frustrating. Doesn't Charter have broadband in your area? I figured you were out of town or crazy from class prep because I knew you would like my last post, It Better End Soon.

I will probably do your tag, but later in the week. I just posted a new one this morning that I wrote Friday.


JMG said...

Charter does not offer service in my area. I'm too far out in the country.

I liked the lyrics you posted. Reminds me of Neil Young's Living With War CD.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

If you need any help launching a boycott against BellSouth, just let me know. I have experience with these matters after bringing Comcast to its knees.

My parents do the same thing with song lyrics. One of my favorites is the Beatles' "Happiness is a warm pug (bark bark, snort snort)."

jettybetty said...

I did that one a long time ago here. But, I may have devloped some new wierdness since then, so I will have to think about it.

We have Charter--I think it would be quite fair if we could not pay for every day they don't give us service. Then, it might be better???

JMG said...

I'm probably going to call Bellsouth and complain about not getting the service I'm paying for. I'll tell them if they don't make me happy, I'll switch to satellite internet. That's the only other high speed (high cost!) option I have.

I have to wonder why DSL costs what it does. Why does a step up to a faster speed cost more. It's all coming down the lines at the same speed isn't it? And it's not like they have to make DSL from a set of ingredients that they have to keep replenishing, is it? I think that they charge us what they do because they know we'll pay it.

Tony Arnold said...

It is actually more expensive for Bell South to maintain older technology than new. However, their is upfront development and implementation costs, but DSL has been around long enough that they should have recouped this cost. If not, then they are mis-managing their business.

BellSouth is mismanaging their business. They are way behind. They always saw themself as a telephone company, not a communications company. Because of this mindset, they got left behind by cable, cell, and satellite competitors. They already had the customer base and the distribution network. They had an advantage and did not use it.

Once their was a buggy whip manufacturer. The company made a great product and was very successful. But then the internal combustion engine came along, and their business slowly eroded. They never saw themselves as an acceleration products company. If they had, they would have migrated into making carburetors and then to fuel injectors capitalizing on their existing customer base as a competitive advantage.


JMG said...

Yeah, Bellsouth could've been in the cable TV business a long time ago seeing as to how they supply wire to nearly every house in the south.