Monday, November 20, 2006

What's Happening

This week I have given all of my students "research days." They have assignments due next week after Thanksgiving, so since this will be a short week, I decided that they could use an extra day to spend in the library. Like they're really going to go to the library! I'm doing office hours today, but after that, I'm off for the rest of the week to grade papers and work on the new home improvement project that Husband and I have begun.

A couple of weeks ago, we began work on the upstairs bathroom. When we moved into our house eleven years ago this week, we did not finish the upstairs very far beyond the drywall stage and some doors. We finally decided that it's time to slowly finish the upstairs, and we've begun with the bathroom. I painted on Saturday. Husband finished laying the tile last week, and I'll grout it this week. Yesterday we installed new lighting. The next thing after that will be the vanity top, which we are going to make ourselves out of concrete and bits of colored glass. I'll post some photos when we get done.

In other news, I am on the warpath again with Bellsouth concerning my DSL service. I have not been able to connect since Friday (I am using dialup right now), after a week of very good service. Tech support told me today that I am too far away from the central office to get good DSL service. I say they are going to put me on a new central office or they'll lose a customer. They are supposed to send out a technician today to check my situation. Again. Something will have to change after today because I'm not going to put up with this any longer. Bellsouth is the only thing that makes me angry enough to want to throw something. Even stupid drivers don't make me as angry as this whole ordeal has, and that's saying something!

I should have some more good quotable quotes for you later this week, as I'll be spending some time grading essays.


m said...

Good. I can't wait to hear the new quotes! They are as funny and interesting as Post Secret or even the old-school Snigglets on NNTN. You should start compiling them for an anthology.

JMG said...

I think I already posted this a long while back, but I'll tell it again:

"I was wearing my favorite quarter roy pants."

But my favorite is from a guy who had a "terrible hard ache for a long time" after his girlfriend broke up with him.

Tony Arnold said...

I just bet he did!

What Bellsouth is really telling you is that they have no idea what is going on and your not worth the cost to figure it out.

If you are going to throw something, other than a fit, throw it at Bellsouth. Won't help, but you will probably feel better.

Either that or start quoting Isaiah, Jeremiah, or Ezekial at them. God will surely lay waste to these hard-headed people.


Amy said...

I'll look forward to those quotes too. How do you keep a straight face in class?!

Have a good Thanksgiving, JMG!

JMG said...

Amy, my students and I all laugh a lot in class. They think I'm cool.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!