Friday, April 27, 2007

School's Out!

I have a big stack of papers to grade, but after I'm done, I'll be free until mid-August to do whatever I want.

Having to read so many essays during the school year doesn't allow me much time to read what I want to read, and by the time summer arrives, I've forgotten about all the books I've heard of during the previous months that I thought I might like to read. So if you have any suggestions for my summer reading list, I'll be glad to hear them.


Tony Arnold said...

Tempting Faith. You will like it alot.

I recommend anything by Stephen R. Donaldson. He is my favorite. You will love the way he writes I think. It is usually fantasy type settings, but his characters and plots are very deep. They are just set in the Fantasy genre. He has the best command of the English language of any writer I know.

He writes series, so be sure that you aren't starting with middle or end book.

Here are a few more you might like:

Under The Banner of Heaven -- John Krakuer (sp?)

The Bridge -- Doug Marlette (southern fiction based on his own family)

jettybetty said...

"Irresistible Revolution" Claiborne

"Jesus Creed" McKnight

I'm jealous--I think they are going to have me work this summer.

JMG said...

Tony, I was trying to remember that title--Tempting Faith. I'll check out the Marlette book as well--I love southern fiction.

JB, it's about time you go to work.

Tony Arnold said...

Under The Banner of Heaven is non-fiction about a murder in the Mormon community. Incredible book.

You will definitely love The Bridge (ISBN: 0060505214 EAN: 9780060505219).

BTW, Doug Marlette won a Pulitzer for his cartoon Kudzu. He has written a new southern fiction book called Magic Time. It is set for release on June 12.

Tony Arnold said...

Also you might like Ghost Rider by Neil Peart. A heart-rending true story of his recovery from the death of his daughter and wife within one year of each other.

Tony Arnold said...

JMG, the Magic Time book by Marlette was published in 2006 and is available. It is the paperback release that is set for June.

JMG said...

Thanks y'all. I'm planning a run to the library next week.