Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Today we finally got some much needed rain. Maybe now the grass in my yard won't be crunchy. But I doubt that whatever rain we get today will do much to alleviate the drought we're in.

Nothing much is happening around my house. We get up around 5:30; Husband goes to work, and I stay home and do laundry, study my bible, and think up something good for supper, or think up a scheme to get to go out for supper. That hardly ever works on a weeknight, however.
We're planning a fun weekend outing. We're going to canoe on the Caney Fork river on Sunday morning, putting in at the Center Hill dam and getting out at Betty's Island. We had a lot of fun the last time we went, and this time should be even better since we just got a new canoe. I can't wait to get it on the river. It's sort of hard to know how well it will handle just trying it out in my brother's swimming pool, but we got a pretty good idea that it's not nearly as tippy as our previous canoe. (Yes, we actually did try out the canoe in the pool. It was the highlight of our day--we're easily amused.)

Is everyone else having as uneventful a summer as I am?


Tony Arnold said...

I don't have time to breath. My life is crazy right now. Nothing bad, some very good, but just slammed, especially at work.

jettybetty said...

I think my boss forgot to give us the summer off. She probably would if she knew I had an island in TN, however! I am pretty sure if I got in your canoe it would tip over--if history repeats itself at least.

What are you learning in your Bible study?

JMG said...

Well, I hope both of you get some time to relax soon.

JB, I'm not attending a study at the moment. Just working on my own, mainly doing some word studies. One especially interesting word that I've been looking at is "torment." It is not synonymous with "torture."