Saturday, September 06, 2008

Policics as Usual

Jon Stewart points out some typical political hypocrisy:


jettybetty said...

That's very interesting! (and funny!) Thanks for sharing!!!

Tony Arnold said...

It just shows that all the pundits, regardless of party, do not care about the quality, consistency, or truth of their comments. What they care about is:

First and foremost, their own voice.

Second, find fault with or slander the other party.

Jon Stewart has the best job--make a lot of money off the stupidity of both parties. And depending on that as a market of income is pretty safe. That well will never run dry.

JMG said...

What's so cool about The Daily Show is the way that Jon Stewart puts a satiric spin on on the news. Even though we're laughing as we watch, it's usually not just a "ha ha, that's funny" laugh. We're laughing because we see the sheer idiocy of the people who are making the news--primarily the politicians.