Saturday, October 22, 2005


Our pilgrimage for barbecue has been called off because Husband has to go to work. They wouldn't let him have two Saturdays off in a row. What really bugs me is that they won't tell him until Friday afternoon, and then I don't get to find out until Friday night.


jettybetty said...

O no!!! Do they not understand you can't go to the Jack Daniels cookoff any other weekend?
I hope they pay him triple time or something and you can find some really good bbq--closer to home!

Tony Arnold said...

I hate it when corporate management behaves this way. They will get reactions opposite of their intentions. Unions being one of the reactions.


JMG said...

I guess a trip to Famous Daves will have to suffice until next year.

Tony, my husband is an independent truck driver contracted to a paving company. The contract states that he will provide a truck from (such date to such date) during the year. He is obligated to provide that truck when they say or he would be in breach of contract. If the independent truckers "unionized," the company would just get some other independent truckers to haul their materials.