Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mouth Waterin'

Saturday Husband and I will be in hog heaven--well, I'll be in cow and chicken heaven since I don't eat anything piggy. We're going down to Lynchburg for the Jack Daniels Barbeque Championship, and I'm hoping to find some great brisket. I've been hearing about this contest for years, but this is the first time we'll go. I'm sure that I'll satisfy my taste for barbeque and that I'll be miserable by the time we leave.


jettybetty said...

JMG--we may have to rename you after trips to weekends in a row!

Please eat some BBQ for me--I love the stuff!

Perhaps you will see some pretty trees this weekend? (Can you tell I love the fall colors?)

JMG said...

I love the fall colors as well. There's a big maple tree on campus outside my building that is turning nicely.

The trouble with taking these trips is that I really need to grade essays instead. Oh well.

Tony Arnold said...

Yeh, JMG, it would be hard to do both at the same time. You wouldn't want to spit BBQ sauce on their papers in your fits of laughter. And printer paper doesn't make a good napkin anyway.

:-) JB, I have to say this, I don't think you Texans know what BBQ really is; it ain't brisket. JMG, I respect your pork abstinence, but brisket ain't it. I will cut you some slack on the chicken though. ;-)

You just can't beat pulled pork BBQ. I prefer vinegar based, but mustard base is might good too!

I know I just opened a can of wor.., I mean pork, but so be it. And have fun!


JMG said...

Who ever thought of mixing chili powder with vinegar and calling it barbeque sauce was just plain hard up for the real thing! I think some hillbillys must have invented it when all they had was some pigs and some sour mash whiskey, so they cooked it up and pretended they were eating real Texas beef brisket.

I don't usually claim much affinity with Texas, but I do like their version of barbeque!

Tony, I don't hold it against you that your palate has been so corrupted that you don't appreciate the finer cuisine. ;-)

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I don't eat anything piggy, either, as that would be haraam.

This has nothing to do with barbecue (though I would be jealous if I did not have Pug-O-Ween to attend this weekend), but I spotted something that reminded me of the student writing goofs you've written about. While editing a mosque newsletter, I came across the phrase "oxygen depravation." Oh, that immoral oxygen ...

JMG said...

Ha! Yes, that oxygen will really lead you down the wrong path if you're not careful!

jettybetty said...

You mean TX bbq and TN bbq is different?

JMG said...

JB, some people in TN--I won't mention any names, but he is a frequent commenter on your blog and mine ;-) --think pork is king when it comes to barbeque, and the preferred sauce is a vinegar concoction the consistency of water.

I finally found a great barbeque restaurant in Nashville--Famous Daves. They don't serve pulled pork (they do have ribs), but they have great brisket!

Tony Arnold said...

Mah, Mah...I do b'lieve ah've been insulted!

Don't get me wrong, I like a thicker BBQ sauce, not the thin runny kind. But for the basting sauce during the barbequing itself, I prefer the vinegar base. I like the taste. However, mustard base is wonderful too and completely valid in southern BBQ cuisine. I am a born and raised Tennessean which is predominantly a mustard base BBQ state. Vinegar based tends to come from the more eastern southern states.

You Texans best beware. There is only one subject more touchy and potentially inflammatory than BBQ in the south, and that is the War of Northern Agression.

But to be on the peacemaking side, I will say I prefer beef brisquet BBQ over quiche any day! And by the way, as southern as I am, I can't stand cole slaw. Go figure.


JMG said...

The Wawah of Noahthan Aggression was probably really fought over barbeque!

I agree with you on one thing, Tony--cole slaw has no place on a barbeque sandwich, no matter what kind of meat it is.

jettybetty said...

EEEKKKK I need to be very *careful* when talking bbq it seems!

I don't know that much about it--I don't even know if I like a mustard or vinegar base--I just know I don't care for sweet bbq.

I am thinking I would love the Jack Daniels--so please eat a bite or two for me!! ;-)

JMG said...

Yeah, barbeque is pretty much its own religion.

Here's a link to the Jack Daniels barbeque contest page. It's an invitational contest, so the food promises to be great.

I'm sure I'll eat enough for all of us!