Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election Woes

I've been sitting here trying to blog about this election, and nothing is working for me. I see the ads; I hear the rhetoric; I hear the commentators' evaluations; and it's all meaningless. No one talks about what matters. No one discusses what real people are concerned about. The canditates all talk about what they will do, not how well they will listen to and represent us. It doesn't matter whom I vote for--they're all the same. Vanity of vanities. I'm fed up with the entire process.


jettybetty said...

We early voted--kind of--we voted only on things we really cared about. We did not even vote for gov here--nothing to choose from. Sad.

Tony Arnold said...

You know how I feel JMG. Those song lyrics at my blog sure ring true. When they where written doesn't seem to matter, they are timeless. That in itself is sad.

So unless F. Ed Upp appears on the ballot, I will be choosing none of the above.


JMG said...

I just returned from the place where I could have early voted, but the line was way out the door, so I came back to work. Maybe I'll vote on Tuesday, maybe not.