Thursday, January 25, 2007

We Like Foreign Oil, But Not Foreign Wool

This is wierd.

According to, "Bancroft Cap Co. in Cabot, the only company currently under contract with the Department of Defense to supply the U.S. military black berets, has dropped the hat and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court, forcing the Pentagon to look for a new domestic supplier. There may not be another U.S. company that can supply the military with 100 percent domestic materials, which was Bancroft’s downfall: It got caught mixing domestic and foreign wool and leather, which is in violation of U.S. law."

. . .

"Not listed among [Bancroft's] creditors is the Department of Defense, the company’s biggest customer, which alleges that Bancroft owes the government repayment for 340,000 black berets at about $4 each which were shipped before March 2006. Those berets were paid for and then later found to contain either foreign wool or leather and therefore unacceptable. Whether Bancroft concedes that its berets contained materials not produced in the U.S. is not known because repeated attempts to contact owner Barry Goldman have failed."

Surely the Pentagon has more important things to worry about.


Tony Arnold said...

It is as if the government just holds a giant bonfire and throws our tax money into it.

So much waste of money, resources, and energy going into wasteful bureaucracy, wars, etc.

Think of all the lives than can be saved if we were efficient and concerned with alleviating suffering?

Great point on the irony JMG. So does the government only use fuel refined from domestic producers and domestic crude?


JMG said...

So does the government only use fuel refined from domestic producers and domestic crude?

Great question. And even if it did, what's the point of using only wool from domestic sheep if the large corporations keep pricing American farmers out of business?

jettybetty said...


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

So much for free-market economics. But if the Pentagon truly wants U.S.-made berets, I believe I have enough pug fur around my baseboards to make a few thousand hats.

JMG said...

Mugsy, I've heard of people making sweaters out of dog hair before. Between you and my Jack Russells, we'll make a killing selling extra hair.