Wednesday, March 07, 2007

They're Gonna Git Ya Whatever Way They Can

According to a story in an Illinios newspaper, an elderly couple in Illinois is being threatened with penalties by the state's department of revenue for their use of vegetable oil as fuel in their car.

"They told me I am required to have a license and am obligated to pay a motor fuel tax," David Wetzel recalled. "Mr. May also told me the tax would be retroactive."

Since the initial visit by the agents on Jan. 4, the Wetzels have been involved in a struggle with the Illinois Department of Revenue. The couple, who live on a fixed budget, have been asked to post a $2,500 bond and threatened with felony charges.

Read the entire story to see the ridiculous hoops the state wants this couple to jump through in order to be able to collect used cooking oil from restaurants and use it for fuel for their car.

It's really pathetic that we're told to decrease our use of gasoline, but when people try to provide their own alternative, they are penalized for it. The reason for this is obvious: our government in dependent on the revenue derived from gasoline taxes, so they must find new sources of revenue. However, harassing people for being resourceful isn't the answer.


Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

So much for trying to save the world! Uncle Sam is not very friendly anyway.

Bobby Valentine

Tony Arnold said...

I thought you got a tax break for doing such things!

Our system is a mess.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

That is ridiculous. Didn't somebody already pay sales tax when they bought the vegetable oil?

JMG said...

Yeah, but it wasn't fuel tax. The way I understand it, fuel tax goes directly into the road fund. Our governments have become dependent on that fuel tax, and when people choose another way to fuel their vehicles, the government feels cheated.

Might as well just keep buying gasoline.