Friday, August 03, 2007

Summer's Almost Over

Yesterday I signed a contract making it official that I am employed by the university for at least one more, and up to three, academic years. School starts up again on Monday, August 27. That gives me a little more than three weeks left to finish getting ready. Where did the summer go?


Husband and I have begun a new project. We are now a part of the community of antique car owners. For a long time I have thought it would be neat to have a car to fix up and drive around to the various cruise-ins, and husband has thought so as well, but we've just now gotten around to doing something about it. We recently acquired a 1949 Ford sedan and a 1949 Ford pickup truck. Alas, we won't be driving our antique automobiles to the cruise-ins for a while, as they require massive work to get them road-ready. My past few weeks have been spent perusing hot rod magazines, websites, and parts catalogs. Yesterday, we took a trip to the paint store and a couple of body shops. We have a vision for what our autos will look like, but it will take some time to get there. My future contains lots of sandpaper.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Congratulations on your new autos. Will pictures be posted?

JMG said...

They don't look like much now, but I'll update this post with some pix.

jettybetty said...

I think it's wonderful you found something you can both enjoy together!
Happy sand-papering!

Tony Arnold said...

Post of a picture of yourself in shop overalls, grease on your face, holding a wrench, standing next to the car.

Get your husband in the pic too, an American Hotrod Gothic!

JMG said...

OK Tony. And then when the car's done, I'll pose next to it in some Daisy Duke shorts.

But then everybody would stop reading this blog.

Never mind.