Monday, July 25, 2005

Hot Mushrooms

I just returned from Kroger where I experienced a dillema. As I was putting my groceries in the truck, I noticed a bag with one item in it. When I looked inside, I found a package of mushrooms. My first thought was, "The guy in front of me didn't get his mushrooms." I hate it when that kind of thing happens to me.

Then I thought, "Hey, I needed some mushrooms." I'm fixing kabobs tonight and had forgotten all about the mushrooms. I don't eat them, but Husband likes them.

Then I thought, "But those aren't my mushrooms; they belong to somebody else." But that person was already gone, I reasoned, so there really was no harm in keeping them. I also reasoned that the mushrooms weren't technically stolen because they had been paid for.

I continued to dialogue in my head about whether or not to keep the mushrooms. Anyone passing by would never have known that I was having a terrible crisis of conscience going on as I was loading my grocery sacks. The sweat on my forehead wasn't attributable only to the heat.

I placed the last sack in the truck, pushed my cart to the cart corral (I hate it when people don't put their carts back where they belong--I have a story about that too!), opened the driver's door, and started to get in, anticipating the cool of the air conditioning and my Mavericks CD starting as soon as I turned the key. I barely got one foot up onto the running board.

"Dang it, why do you do this to me?" I exclaimed as I got back out of the truck, opened the rear door, grabbed the bag and headed back into the store. I took the bag to the customer service counter and told the girl working there that someone would probably be calling saying that he didn't get his mushrooms. She thanked me. I headed around to the produce section, picked up a package of mushrooms, went back through the checkout and paid for them. Then I got back into my truck and didn't think about it any more until I got home and started telling you about it.

This is the sort of thing I go through. I have gone back into stores to pay for a 50 cent item that I have accidently "stolen." Usually the customer service people think I'm crazy.

I sincerely hope that this is a test and that I'm about to get a big reward for it. But I rather suspect that God just likes to have a little fun with me every now and then.


Tony Arnold said...

You could say everyday and every situation is a test.

I would suggest these are not a test; there is no reward (other than a restful sleep); and God is not having fun with you. These are just the natural actions of a heart made in the image of God that is fighting the brokenness of the world.

You are doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing.

And that is beautiful. These actions are, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven."

I hope all that came out as the compliment and admiration it was meant to be.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I commend you for your honesty. I believe that you did the right thing. I must confess, however, that it would have been difficult for me to return the mushrooms. I tend to eat any food that I get my paws on.

jettybetty said...

That has happened to me--I did return the food--I was already home--so it was a pain--I didn't get a big reward--and I don't think God was playing with me--but I still think we did the right thing. Doing the right thing is always best--even when only you and God know.

Perhaps that was God's way of reminding you that you really needed mushrooms for kabobs?? So you might have gotten a reward?

I probably got a reward way back when and didn't even know it now that I think about it.


JMG said...

JB, that probably was my reward because Husband would have whined about not having mushrooms.

Mugsy, if it had been a package of Oreos rather than a package of mushrooms, they might not have made it back to the store!

While I wasn't fishing for a compliment, Tony, I appreciate the kind words.

The first time I remember this happening, it was with a pack of dental floss. I did not buy dental floss; apparently the person who used the cart before me did, but it was so small a package that it must have been overlooked. When I loaded my groceries, there it was. Unfortunately, I tossed it into one of my bags. I still have that package of dental floss, and every time I use it, I feel a sense of guilt about it.

Jana said...

I find it reassuring to know that there are honest people like you out there, JMG!

puremood said...

I think you did the right thing! Go you! :)

Bar Bar A said...

Doing the right thing is often inconvenient, unpopular or may even go unntoiced to everyone but you. What you did was shows that you are a woman of character. I agree with Jana, it's nice to know there are honest people around :)