Friday, July 08, 2005

Making Change

Today I have been looking for ways to cut spending in order to increase giving. This morning I have dropped the unlimited text and picture messaging from my cell phone service. This has freed up $9.99 (and probably some tax as well). Honestly, why in the world do I need to text message someone? And why do I need to send photos over the phone? I carry a digital camera in my backpack--if people want to see a picture that I take, they can wait until I get home. Also, there's really no need to surf the Internet from my phone.

I have also dropped our alarm monitoring service. This will save $25.95 a month. Of course, the lady tried to get me to keep the service, reminding me that I also have smoke alarm monitoring. She offered to cut the fee to $15.00, which I politely declined. I figure that it's all just stuff--why should I pay someone to watch it? No one broke in, nor did we have a fire before we had the service; I think we'll be fine without it. Besides, it just doesn't sit well with me to pay someone to "watch" my earthly treasures.

I now have $35.94 to use for other purposes, and I plan to use part of it for giving and the rest for debt reduction. $35.94 isn't much, but it's a start. It feels good to have done this today. I don't feel any more righteous, but I feel like I have accomplished something. I have probably lost my blessing for telling you this, but that's OK. I've been blessed pretty well already.


Tony Arnold said...

Now that is discipleship in action. Praise to your spirit JMG!. God doesn't need our money, he wants our faith and our committment. And money is one of the hardest things to let go of, well at least for unselfish purposes.


JMG said...

I hope nobody thinks I posted this to pat myself on the back, because I did not. I know that I'm probably not the only one who has been unfaithful in giving, and I thought I'd share what I did today because if I can do this, anybody can. This sounds crazy, but I'm looking forward to cutting more expenses. (Giving up the DSL Internet access will be a tough one, though!)

David Kear said...

Excellent example of the gospel in action. Can you imagine the impact it would have if every Christian did the same?

I am proud to say that the company that I work for is one of the most giving organizations in the US. Today my GM asked me to drop some donations off at the local branch of the Caritas organization. So, on the way home I made my way to the inner part of Waco to the Caritas warehouse. I was stunned to see lines of people out front waiting for food and clothing and other essentials of life. There must have been a hundred people. My heart was immediately broken before the Lord. Sometimes our eyes are closed to the need that is all around us. I can only hope that God will help us all be living examples of the gospel in action.

jettybetty said...

(I just love the pun in the title!)

I read this earlier and have been trying to think of things we could cut--so you are encouraging me--not blowing your own horn!


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Please allow me to thank you in advance for your gift to my ministry.

JMG said...

Unfortunately, Mugsy, my Jack Russell Terriers have not yet learned generosity. They are very stingy with the rawhides.

Layla said...

Awwwwwww, you have Jack Russells? I have one neurotic Rat Terrier and a really sweet Border Collie mix.

I like the idea of cutting down on expensed and often wonder why on earth I even got a camera phone...hello? But I do like text messages.