Friday, September 02, 2005

All I'm Going to Say

My lack of a post about the disaster on the Gulf Coast should not be taken as a lack of concern about the situation. I've been reading other's posts, and they are saying some of the same things that I feel, probably better than I could say it.

I will say that Preston mentioned something in his very thoughtful post that I had been thinking about. The pictures of the people in New Orleans look remarkably like pictures of people from places in Africa where food and water are scarce and people are suffering in miserable conditions. How many times over the years have I seen those pictures on the news and quickly forgot them, lost in my own petty concerns? But now that the pictures are coming from only a few hundred miles away rather than a few thousand, now that the pictures are of people from my own country, I have sat up and am taking notice. I’m now feeling rather ashamed that my concern for my fellow humans has been aroused to this degree only by a great disaster that affects “my own” people.

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