Friday, September 16, 2005

A Prayer Offered in the Aftermath of Katrina

Oh Lord, while I struggle to understand why events such as this occur, I know that out of tragedy and suffering, you can bring peace and deliverance. However, I also know that the major instrument of this peace and deliverance is your people. Therefore, I pray that the people who acknowledge you as Lord, those who believe in your son Jesus, will put the teachings of your son into practice.

I pray that your people who have seen the poverty of their neighbors will share their possessions with those in need just as the apostles did, investing in heavenly treasure rather than hoarding material wealth for themselves.

I pray that like Jesus, who looked upon the distressed people, whom he compared to sheep without a shepherd, and felt tremendous compassion for them, your people will look upon their neighbors in distress and feel that same compassion. But I pray that your people not be satisfied with simply feeling compassion but also act as shepherds, providing for the needs of those lost sheep.

I pray that your people remember that whenever they show kindness by feeding the hungry, giving the thirsty a drink, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, showing hospitality to the stranger, or visiting the prisoner, they are actually extending this kindness to your son Jesus. In doing so, they forget their own worries and make your kingdom their primary concern.

I pray that just like Jesus, who wept over the death of his friend before restoring his life, your people weep over the tragedy but then dry their eyes and go about restoring the lives of those who have suffered.

In this way, we will all be blessed and, through our generosity, share in the riches of your kingdom.



Tony Arnold said...

From what I have witnessed and participated in your prayer is beign answered, and was being answered before you prayed it.

It is nice to see Christians across different doctrine acting like Christians--showing the face of Christ to the suffering.


JMG said...

I agree. I just hope that the attitude sticks after things start getting back to "normal."

Since the president declared today a national day of prayer, I thought I'd participate publicly.

Mike Kear said...

I add my Amen to your prayer!



jettybetty said...

I don't watch much tv--so I didn't know Friday was a day of prayer--(I did know the Pres did a speech)--so I am glad you said this prayer--and now I can say Amen to it--I think every day is a day of prayer for God.

I still look for ways to be involved--money seems so easy in a time like this--but I keep reading that what people need right now is cash--and I pray that if they need something else in the future I will be able to help.