Friday, September 08, 2006

Re-Running 9-11

Beginning this weekend, nearly all the media outlets will be broadcasting special programming concerning the attacks on September 11, 2001. Many news stations will be replaying the original live footage from that day.

Do we really need this? What is it supposed to accomplish? Cynical me thinks it's all a ploy to make the republicans look better just before the election. "See, don't forget, this is why we're fighting wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Never mind the countless contradictions and the ever-shifting explanations for why we are in Iraq. Just watch this re-run and let your thinking mind go numb and give in to a spirit of fear."

I sure hope there's an Andy Griffith marathon on at the same time.


Pat said...

I was just thinking of this today. I don't really like being reminded of this awful event either, but the first time we let our guard down and think nothing like this will ever happen again,--- well it will happen again and it will be lots worse if we don't remember; if we get arrogant and prideful; if we don't close or at least monitor our borders more closely. Well, you get the picture.

Tony Arnold said...

...if we get arrogant and prideful...

I am afraid that is exactly what Bush and his administration has done and it has caused many poor decisions.

I am not sympathetic or supportative of terrorist who want to hit America or Muslim extremist who hate America. In fact, I am not supportative of any group that hates including Americans that hate.

I always wonder how much better off we might be if America concentrated on serving the world rather than trying to save it. I know we do more service than most nations, but it goes too often unseen or unappreciated due to our heavy handed actions. The service message gets lost.

And I still have problems with the mixed message of the Bush administration that contradicts itself:

To the world and our soldiers: Freedom is worth dying for!

To Americans at home: You must be willing to sacrifice some freedoms for false security

Tony -- a conservative who is fed up with ineffectual actions.

m said...

Wow, Tony, that's a great point! About the Bush comments. I don't know why I never thought of that before. It makes me want to go out and slap somebody.

I think, if anything, these shows make me angry at the Republican party for not finding Osama bin Laden yet. It's a slap in the face to America as far as the rest of the world is concerned that we haven't been able to find this one 6'8" beanpole of an Arab in the world. This guy has got to stick out like a sore thumb. How can we not have found him yet? It's ridiculous.

George Bush is evil.