Monday, December 04, 2006

The End Is Near!

Classes end this week, and a much needed vacation begins after I finish my grading. By the last day of classes on Wednesday, I'll have taken up essays from all of my remaining students. I haven't counted, but I think I have around 85 students still hanging in there. What's wierd is that one student who was doing really well and would probably have earned an A suddenly stopped attending. She had only a couple of weeks left and only one essay left to write. However, it was a well known fact that she did not want to be in school and was there only to appease her mother. Too bad that the entire semester ended up being wasted because she couldn't hang in there a couple more weeks.

For all of my complaining, I realize that I have a great job. I work for fourteen weeks (well, around 15-16 if I count the time from the end of classes until the end of final exams) and then get a month-long break, and then I work for another fourteen weeks , and then I get nearly four months off from work. Those two sets of fourteen weeks are killer, but the long breaks make it worth it.

On Thursday of this week, after I finish classes, I will have a little surgical procedure on my throat. I won't bore you with the nasty details, but suffice it to say that I'm having some excess tissue cauterized. I have been promised a sore throat for a few days and the possibility of some bleeding. All this right at the time that I have to begin a marathon grading session, so y'all pray that I recover quickly and that the soreness is kept to a minimum. The good news is that I'll have an excuse to eat lots of chocolate pudding!

If I find some good quoteable quotes, I'll share them with you. My last set of essays did not have any good ones, but I did read a teriffic essay on how to end a bad date early and ensure that you never get asked out by that guy again. (Some tips, ladies: order the most expensive item for both yourself and your date, lament the bareness of your ring finger, and complain about the amount of tip he leaves--whether it's too much or too little, or even if it's just the right amount!)

Y'all have a nice day!

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