Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Blogger Switch & Other Stuff

I got my blog switched over to the new Blogger yesterday, but before I could use the new tools, I had to update my template, which caused me to lose my header image and my favicon. I managed to get my image back on there, but I haven't figured out the favicon yet (the favicon is the little spider I had next to the url in the address bar--if you use Internet Explorer, you probably never saw it).

I also switched Musings From the Chariot, but it's under a new account with a different username. So, if you see comments in your blog by someone named "professor j," it's me.

Readership is way down this week. I guess everybody is getting ready for Christmas rather than blogging. I'll probably blog a little less in the next couple of weeks since Husband will be home from work. We need to finish the upstairs bathroom project that we began a couple of months ago, and he has a new project that will likely require my expert help. He's taking the automatic transmission out of his Trans Am and switching it out for a six speed manual transmission. Apparently, this is supposed to make driving more fun, but I think it's just a ploy to keep me from driving it, since I can't drive a stick shift.

If I don't hear from any of you before then, have a good and safe Christmas!

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jettybetty said...

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!