Monday, December 04, 2006

What's the Point?

This is from an article in my campus newspaper today. I'm sure that my students will be rushing out to buy it as soon as it's available. I cannot, however, figure out why this combination.

Vicious Vodka, a new caffeine-infused vodka, is being marketed to the Nashville area by MTSU student Tim Grace, a senior public relations major and Tennessee distribution manager of the California-based company Vicious Ventures.


The company is targeting Nashville's young, single, contemporary crowd from ages 21 to 35, Grace said. First it will be marketed in the Nashville area, then eventually to the rest of Tennessee.

Vicious Vodka is also being marketed to the extreme sports crowd such as snowboarders, wake boarders and skate boarders.

Grace said he hopes to have Vicious Vodka on the shelves in Tennessee around January. The company is currently marketing the vodka in New York and Hawaii with promotions and special events.

Rendes has not disclosed how much caffeine is in the vodka, Grace said. However, per volume it is the same as coffee.

"The biggest concern I have is mixing a stimulant, the caffeine, with the sedative of the alcohol," said Pat Spangler, medical director of Student Health Services. "You're trying to offset the side effects of one product with the other."

Spangler said the caffeine could possibly cover the signs of being intoxicated.

Somehow, I don't think the caffeine is going to counteract the alcohol. The rest of the article is here.


Tony Arnold said...

This type of thing is purely a marketing gimic, but so is most of the crap being sold in our consumer driven society.

I guess the liquor companies felt like a Jack and coke was robbing them of some revenue? They wanted the coke part too?


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Just what we need: drunken snowboarders on the mountains.

Tony Arnold said...

As if they did not exist before, Mugsy? :-)

Well at least drunk drivers won't be falling asleep at the wheel. They will be much more cognizant of their crime now.


JMG said...

At least now when they're drunk and having a good time, they'll be able to remember it the next day.

kuntrybupkin said...

Never had a Red Bull vodka? It is great! I think this is a brilliant idea...can't wait to try it. Sheesh...loosen up!