Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I suspect some bad essays this semester

I've been really busy with school the past week or so, so I haven't really had much time to blog. And to tell the truth, nothing has really pressed my buttons enough to make me want to. However, I did get a great line in an essay this week:

My life has been filled with many unsuspected events.

On another note, I took my research and argument students to the library yesterday. It's amazing how many of them had not been in there before and didn't know where or how to find things. Do school kids not go to the library anymore? I remember when I was in elementary school, every week or so, we went to the school's library where we learned how to find books, and we were expected to check out a book and bring it back on time the next week. Going to the library was always a fun experience because we could browse through the books and find some interesting story to take home for a week.

Apparently, library trips have fallen by the wayside for kids today, because too many of them seem to view going to the library as a chore to be avoided whenever possible, and they have no idea what to do once they do go inside. I think the internet has ruined the library experience for many people. I know that the internet is going to ruin the grades of some of my students who will find out that they can't use the first hit on a google search to write a good research paper.


Tony Arnold said...

Teach on O great Prof J. Stick to your methods and let the ignorant suffer. Through suffering comes knowledge. :-)

BTW, at Maria's public school, they have a regular library visit program. She loves going to the library and goes 2-3 times a week, bringing home a new book. She is really starting to enjoy reading the books completely on her own. Before she started kindergarten, Anita would take Maria to the Nashville Public Libraries frequently. They still go regularly.

If she has trouble falling to sleep after our story time, she asks if she can stay up and read. It works and she has my complete blessing to do so anytime.

There is a extremely high coorelation, proven via many studies, between a child's reading ability and love for reading and the amount of time parent's spend reading to and with the child.

I suspect that much of the problem you see in your students began at birth and in their very young years with a lack of parental involvment in reading.

JMG said...

I'm going to tell them what they need to know so that they won't have to remain ignorant, but as Jesus said, let those who have ears....