Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is what I get for allowing my students to write about topics that they feel strongly about:

One of my students is working on her cause/effect paper, and the topic she's chosen is what causes many girls/women to be overly flirtatious to the point of being a tease. Of course, when she told me her topic last week, my suspicions were confirmed that she is a lesbian. I'm fine with that. However, today she informed me that her research on her topic just became more complicated because,

"The straight girl that's been flirting with me told me this morning that she's bi."


Tony Arnold said...

Boy am I glad I teach engineering. Eliminates so many problems with too much info from a wide array of subjects.

Does anyone else wonder if there is a significant number of young people claiming homosexuality or experimenting with it, not be because they are actually gay, but because it is cool, trendy, or the current form of expressing your uniqueness or rebellion?


JMG said...

I suspect that's the case.

Amy said...

Yes, Tony, I do.

I have recently joined facebook, and am finding so many kids I have known from places we have lived.

These are sweet, normal Christian kids, but several of their pictures are posed to look lesbian.

I know the girls are straight, but I think homosexuality is becoming more and more normalized. The girls also put on their pages they are "in a relationship with" another female right under the line where it says they are interested in men.

Kids today are growing up in a totally different world than I was back in the 80's. I'm sure they struggle with so many more issues than I ever knew.

...sorry for writing a book!

Tony Arnold said...

Wow, Amy. Your right that it seems that young people deal with much more today, especially at a much younger age.

Frankly, I think young men and women are facing things at an age that they are not mature enough to deal with all these different issues which leads to poor decisions.


JMG said...

Amy, you make a good point. I also grew up in the 80's and kids who were rumored to be gay were talked about with hands over our mouths.

Tony, you said, "Frankly, I think young men and women are facing things at an age that they are not mature enough to deal with all these different issues which leads to poor decisions."

I have been thinking about how as recently as 50 years ago, it was still commonplace for young teenagers to marry and start families and get jobs providing for those families. Obviously, these teens were somewhat more mature than teens today. It's a weird contradiction today: Today's teens now are more sheltered than teens were back then, yet today's teens take bigger risks with their behavior. Parents try to shelter their kids from everything that's negative in the world, but in doing so they prevent their kids from learing about the dangers of the world and from taking responsibility for their own negative actions.

Tony Arnold said...

Excellent point JMG.

Amy said...

JMG, it is a weird contradiction. I've pondered those same thoughts. I wonder if the kids then were more mature because they were raised on a farm with in-tact family units for the most part. They didn't have tv, movies and video games. It was just so different. But I know they had their own struggles too.

...and I sure am thankful I can buy my chicken at the grocery store rather than chasing it around the yard!