Friday, February 23, 2007

This is How They'll Read Our Minds

I guess I'm a little bit slow, but I just realized that when I am logged into my Blogger account, I am also logged into Google. My Google account name is at the top of the Google search page. Yes, I know that Google owns Blogger, but I just didn't think about the idea that my blog content and my Google searches are now connected in one account.

Does anyone else find this a little bit disturbing?


Tony Arnold said...

I keep thinking about this post, but don't have anything intelligent to add.

JMG said...

Well, it wasn't a very intelligent post to begin with.

I've been suffering from the flu since Thursday, so I'm afraid that I'm making sense only to myself right now. (I'm trying to grade papers while sick--probably not the best idea.)

Tony Arnold said...

Well, you know you need to stop grading because you are delirious with fever if the papers start making sense to you.

:-). I sure pray you feel better soon.