Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Terror Tax

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., said Tuesday that Congress should consider a special tax to pay for the nation's war against terrorism.

Such a tax could help ease the squeeze that military and security spending is putting on "critical domestic programs," said Lieberman, whose support for the Iraq war has come under fire from anti-war Democrats.

Lieberman favors President Bush's plan to send 21,500 more U.S. troops to Iraq.

"I think we've got to start thinking about a war-on-terrorism tax," Lieberman said during an Armed Services Committee hearing on Bush's defense spending proposals. "I mean, people keep saying that we're not asking sacrifices of anybody but our military in this war, and some civilians who are working on it."

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Do I have to pay the tax if I don't support the war?


Tony Arnold said...

So why not just make donations to the military tax deductible in 2007 and see what happens.

That way people wanting to support the war effort monetarily can do so.

Might as well do this since donations to the Israeli military are tax deductible: Israeli Military Donations U.S. Tax Deductible

If that doesn't work, then go with a tax.


JMG said...

Tony, you just made my jaw drop to the floor! I'm speechless.

Tony Arnold said...

I assume you mean about the Israeli military tax deduction.

Hope it is not because you think I would support a war tax; I don't that is for sure.


JMG said...

Yes, I mean about the tax deduction for donating to Israel's military.

If I wanted to donate money to some other country's military, I'd be investigated as a terrorist sympathizer.

I'm still processing this info. It's just amazing to me.

Tony Arnold said...
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Tony Arnold said...

The comment about to follow is coming directly through the filter of my own blog post today, but maybe it has merit.

If I were President, I would tell US citizens and the world that under my watch the US will not even consider any type of political or military power struggles until such time when we had completely eliminated the suffering of children the world over. No one would have time for fighting while tackling that task, and no one of any faith or government could deny the nobility of the cause.

JMG said...

I know a lot of people that would back you on that one.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I think that if Mr. Lieberman really wanted to fund the war on terrorism, he could find plenty of wasteful government spending to cut. To make such proposals after tolerating perpetual budget deficits really rings hollow, at least to these pug ears. We don't have special taxes for all the other programs we fail to adequately fund; why should a misguided war be any different?

And that Israeli tax deduction -- wow. I must get one of those for the Armed Revolutionary Forces (ARF).

Tony Arnold said...

JMG, I was re-reading your post, and I realized that no one directly answered your last question which I will rephrase with some liberty: Do I have to pay [for the war] if I don't support the war?

Yes...yes you do and will. And so will the next generation, as will their children.

The deficit incurred will be paid for by many generations for a long time.