Friday, February 16, 2007

R.I.P., O.V.

My grandpa, O.V. Warren, died late Wednesday afternoon. He had been sick for about three weeks, and for the last week, he really didn’t know that he was still alive. He was 97 years old.

His name, O.V., is just that—the letters do not stand for anything. In fact, most of his brothers and sisters had only letters for names: L.V., O.T., U.T., and S.T., I think; there may have been more that I don’t remember. S.T. changed the spelling of her name to Estee—I can’t really blame her. I guess his parents didn’t have much imagination because only one or two of the kids that I know of had actual names.

My brother once asked Grandpa what O.V. stood for, and Grandpa answered, “Old Varmit.” Ever since then, that’s what my immediate family has called him.

It’s sad that he’s gone, but he lived a long, healthy life and still got out and pretty much did for himself to the end, so we really can’t be anything but grateful.

Rest in peace, Old Varmit.


Tony Arnold said...

I am sure he would appreciate your words JMG. My heart and prayers are with your family.


jettybetty said...

I pray comfort for your family--sounds like your grandfather was a blessed man--still taking care of himself at 97!

Blessings to you!

Jack said...

I stumbled on your post about your grandfather O.V. and am responding since I am your Great Aunt O.T.'s son. Belatedly my condolences on his passing.
I thought you might be interested in O.T.'s real name which was actually Otee. She changed it to O.T. when she went to nursing school at Shreveport Charity Hospital because she thought Otee was a little,"too country." Eventually she joined the Army as a nurse during WW II and enlisted as O.T. Several weeks after enlising she was called to an administrative office and was informed that one could not have initials for a name and that she had to indicate what names went with the O & T. Of course, they were made up from Otee. Since she didn't want to use thar name she told them they stood for Olivia Thelma, two chic names during the period. She met my father, a physician at Fort Sam Houston in Texas and they were married. She became Olivia Thelma Hall and was known as Thelma to everyone where she lived-Lowell, Massachusetts. I didn't find out her real name till I was about 30 when she showed me a picture of her and her brothers and sisters when they were very young. Under her picture was written Otee. I do recall U.T. was Utee.
Interestingly, my sister's real name is Olivia.
I enjoyed reading about your grandfather. my uncle, Old Varmit.

JMG said...

Thank you so much, Jack, for commenting!!!! That is a really interesting story about O.T. and her name. I think I have seen the photo that you are talking about.

Please click on my profile and send me an email. I'd love to learn more about my extended family.