Monday, July 24, 2006

Do Huggies Come in Adult Sizes?

At least once every two weeks, I get free samples and coupons that I neither need nor want. Somehow Pampers and Huggies and Luvs think that I need their products. I'll admit that I do save the shampoo and lotion samples, but if I had saved all the diapers that I've gotten in the mail, I'd have enough to make some mom really happy. Today I received a newborn size Huggies diaper sample. If Huggies follows the same pattern as Pampers and Luvs, during the next few months they'll be sending more sample diapers in increasingly larger sizes. I guess I can be thankful they're not dirty.

Nobody in my house can use diapers, but in about twenty years, I'll probably look forward to finding some Depends in my mailbox.


Tony Arnold said...

What a great charity idea. Save all the coupon that you don't need but get for free and donate them to causes than can use them. Now that would be recycling!


Justin said...

tony beat me to it. diapers are expensive (as I'm sure you know). It would be great to find some sort of clothing bank or something that could distribute them.

JMG said...

I've heard that diapers are expensive; I've never bought any myself.

In the past I have given away the samples to students who need them, and most recently to my niece who just had a baby. I guess I could give them to the crisis pregnancy center.

MOM said...

niece, crisis pregnancy center,

two good choices


JMG said...

I lied. I just remembered that I have bought diapers. I had a dog who took diuretics for a heart condition, and they made her pee a lot, so I bought some baby diapers and cut out a little hole for her tail. But that's the only use I've had for baby diapers, and I don't care what Brittney over at Nashville is Talking says about the stork fairy--we won't be needing any baby diapers at my house. Not for babies anyway.