Monday, July 10, 2006

Van Hilleary must still be mad about losing the governor's race.

I was just looking at Van Hilleary's website and noticed a common theme in his language:

fighter for the conservative cause
fight his way through the House
stood up to anyone...taking on members of his own party
took on ex-governor Don Sundquist
fight for our principles

And in his new TV ad, he's saying we should vote for him because when he was in Congress he consistently voted against Bill Clinton more than anyone else, and if he's elected to the Senate he'll fight against Hillary Clinton. Van Hilleary's language shows that he cares more about fighting to get his own way than working together with others to get something done. I'll bet he received unsatisfactory marks on his kindergarten report card in "Plays Well With Others."


komsik said...

" I'll bet he received unsatisfactory marks on his kindergarten report card in "Plays Well With Others." "


Whitney said...

I know Van personally, and he IS a fighter, and as conservative as they come! I think the language on the web site is meant to distinguish himself from those who will do or say anything to get elected. If you want to vote with someone who will go along with what the others want all the time, don't vote for Van. But if you want a Senator who holds true to his beliefs and those of his constituents, vote for Van!

JMG said...

Whitney, I'm so glad to know that if Van is elected he won't automatically go along with what the president and the Republican administration want and come out against the war.

Tony Arnold said...

I bet Van's people did mean to imply that he cannot get along well with others, but they might have spent a little more time considering the unintended message.

Very insightful JMG. But is this how you really like spending your summer vacation? Reading political ads?

You definitely need to go barbecue some brisket! :-)


JMG said...

Tony, I was waiting for you to get back from vacation and post something on your blog that would challenge my mind.