Saturday, July 08, 2006

In Search of Brisket

I have been sitting here watching the Food Network's shows about barbeque contests, and it's making me want some good brisket. Husband and I went to the new Famous Dave's in Smyrna last weekend and were sorely disappointed. When we first started eating at Famous Dave's a few years ago, we were really impressed with their brisket, but here lately the meat is full of fat and doesn't have a very good flavor. If I'm going to pay ten dollars for a plate of barbeque, I want something better than what they've been serving lately.

We built a smoker on our patio a couple of years ago, but it hasn't seen much action lately. With it being so hard to find good beef already cooked, I think it's time to fire up the smoker and stay up all night.


jettybetty said...

Is staying up all night a problem???

Jacinda said...

Texas barbecue is the best in my opinion! Joe Allen's in Abilene.....mmmmmm!

JMG said...

Jacinda, I agree that Texas barbeque is much better than Tennessee barbeque. Most people here eat pork with vinegar on it.

JB, for me staying up all night is next to impossible!

JMG said...

I actually don't want to start a discussion about which barbeque is the best (although I had to make that jab about pork for Tony's sake when he shows up here).

What really bothers me is that the quality of food at restaurants is going down but the price is staying the same. Famous Daves used to serve really good beef, but lately it isn't good at all. Have they been suffering from rising food prices like the rest of us? If so, why not buy premium beef and raise the price of a plate instead of resorting to serving inferior beef? I'd gladly pay a couple more dollars if I know that the food is still going to taste good.

Just so you know, I emailed Famous Daves but haven't heard anything from them.

Tony Arnold said...

Southerners have serious and heated discussions about what type of barbecue is best. However, the meat is not the issue--it is pork. The argument is whether it is vinegar or mustard based and whether it is chopped or pulled.

But we truly like our pork any of these ways.

I know Texas is considered a southern state but I am talking Dixie, rednecks, and hillbillies here.

Texans like beef brisket better which is fine. I assume ya'll debate dry v. wet. However when you choose to live here, keep in mind, this is our culture and it will not be considered barbecue.

When I am in Texas I do not debate that barbecue is pork because in Texas it is not.

Really, you Texans are about as bad as immigrants when it comes to wanting to us to adjust to your culture although you choose to live in ours! Get over it and have some pork, eat it with your fingers, and smack that sauce.

How is that for a response to your jab JMG? I hope I did not dissapoint.

BTW for all the transplants, the majority of southerners do not consider Corky's as great southern barbecue. I personally do not care for it.

The best barbecue for me in Nashville is now gone. It was Coursey's (remember them Sista Smiff?)

For the Texans, check out Judge Beans (not the Judge Roy Bean chain) on 12th and Porter in Nashville for some real Texas barbecued beef from what I am told. I like it although it ain't real barbecue.

I agree with JMG on service and quality v. price. Although I have been impressed with the new Longhorn's Steakhouse at Old Hickory and I-65 S near Brentwood. And I am not a fan of chains, but the quality of the steaks was really good, the side selections excellent and service good.


JMG said...

Good job, Tony! I expected no less! Of course, I disagree, but I won't let that stop me from giving you a good grade.

jettybetty said...

Staying up all night would be a huge problem for me--
and yes, please let me pay a couple extra $$ and give me good meat--I hate fat.