Wednesday, July 05, 2006

God Was at the Lake

The holiday weekend was really nice. Husband was off four four days, and he's off again today too because it's raining. Today will probably be a lazy lay-around-on-the-couch day.

We spent Saturday night at the lake on Husband's brother's houseboat. That was fun, but the next morning as I was lying in the sun working on my tan, I got some bug bites that are still itching this morning.

We saw this funny sign on the way to the marina:

The church was just a little white, wood-frame church; it looked relatively harmless, but we hurried past it anyway. We knew God wasn't there because another church had a sign that said God would be there on Sunday.

Last night we sat out in our yard and watched my brother shoot off some fireworks. We could also see the ones from two neighbors', and we could hear the repercussions from other displays that we couldn't see. I wonder if that's what it sounds like in a war zone?

All in all, my long weekend was pretty uneventful and relaxing, and I'm looking forward to another month and a half of uneventful relaxing summer before school starts.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I'm not sure why you would need to exercise caution there. Is the church going to jump out and bite you?

Your weekend sounds delightful. I spent most of mine at work, including the evening of the Fourth. We ayatollahs don't get many holidays.

JMG said...

I have no idea why we needed to be so cautious near this particular church. It looked pretty harmless to me.

Tony Arnold said...

Must have been a CofC!

I have been out of the blog world for about two weeks due to business travel and vacation. Just got back from a week at Fall Creek Falls and read this post about being at the lake. When I saw the picture my first thought was the sign was about nature being God's church, which is the way I felt all week being in his splendor.

Quite a contrast to other thoughts I was having in the mornings as I was reading Night, sitting alone at sunrise each morning while the family slept. Hard book does not describe it. Going to try to post on it.

Glad you had a good time on the boat.


JMG said...

Tony, I figured you must be on vacation. I envy your getting to spend a week in the woods. I was lucky to get one night on a boat!