Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scammer Round Two

I was right. The scammer hasn't called, but he did email me again. Here's what he said:

Hello there
How are you doing and how is the going over there,I am out of state
rightnow as i am now in australia i had to come down here for a business trip
and i am not allow to recieve calls due to the conferences we came for but i
have access to mails,i would have like to come and text drive the truck but its
due o my absence in state ok i really need the truck for my new project and i
will be making the payment through cashier check which is drawn from my US Bank account and once you get your money the shippers will be coming for the pick up at your location ok send me your full name and contact address for immediate payment also let me know the final asking price of the truck including the taxes tittle ok get back to me asap
Best Regards

He completely disregarded my statement that I deal only in cash, and he asked for personal contact information again after I explicitly stated that I wouldn't give out that information. So I emailed him back saying that the truck has been sold. Unfortunately, the email address,, is now defunct. So I'll probably hear from this guy again.

I would love to figure out a way to scam this scammer, but I'm afraid there's no way to beat him at his own game. I have perused some of the scambaiter websites, but everyone who has played the game just strings along the scammer for a while until he finally gets fed up and goes away.

Do you have any creative suggestions for me, or should I just ignore him the next time he emails?


Tony Arnold said...

Send him made up information, or better give him contact information which is actually the local FBI office.


Justin said...

Ok, here's my idea.

Next time he emails, come up with some explanation as to how you actually need one hundred dollars in order to open up a bank account. Tell him the reason that you needed to deal in cash was because you didn't have a bank account to cash the cashiers check. Tell him if he sends you 100 dollars cash that you would be able to open up a bank account, and that you'll drop 100 dollars off of the price of the truck.

BTW, my friends dad had someone over seas try to buy his car. The dad was frustrated cause the buyer was very slow in sending payment, and bad at keeping contact, so he sold it to someone else. Eventually a cashiers check came in the mail for it. The buyer was really angry when he found out my friends dad had sold the car... and wrote him a nasty email. Anyway, apparently the cashiers check was fake, so my friends dad sent it to the Feds.